When You Have A Claim

We understand that no one wants to have a claim. But we also know that sometimes we run into something unexpected in life. At those times, our team of Certified Protection Analysts are the most important resource you can have. Here are some simple steps that can help make taking care of your claim simple and effective:

  1. Call us as soon as possible. Our team of insurance professionals can help advise you whether filing a claim is appropriate for your individual situation. In some instances, filing a claim is not necessary. We will give you information on what steps to take next for your particular policy.
  2. Document and assess the damage to your property. Document damage by using a video camera and/or digital camera along with written documentation of all damage. Keep your documentation items handy for any future damage you discover. 
  3. Make any temporary repairs you can. You are responsible for preventing any future damage, so try to make any immediate repairs you can such as putting a tarp over a leaky roof. Also make sure you save the receipts from the supplies you use so you can be reimbursed for these expenses (make sure the expenses are reasonable to avoid a denial in reimbursement).
  4. Compile a list of items you suspect are damaged or missing. In the event of a claim at home, take one room at a time and have the whole family there to help remember everything that was previously in the room. If you have replacement cost coverage on your personal property items, many of your items should be replaced new, even if their current value is below that cost (ex: a new couch will replace an old couch that may have been only worth a few dollars) so it is important to remember everything that was damaged. This step is much easier if previously an inventory list of items was already compiled and kept in a safe place away from the home.